Closet Forge Stream Music

Good copyright-free music can be hard to come by, especially for streamers first starting out. The playlists below have been created by Darth Nikolas for using during our streams. Please feel free to use the playlists as they are or pick out tracks and creat your own playlists to fit your personal stream vibe.    

Darth Nik's Curated Playlists


A collection of the more upbeat epic Norse Foundry albums. Includes World Anvil's Embers of Inspiration album.

A collection of albums from Norse Foundry. A more chill vibe and also at a lower volume than Norse Foundry's other albums.
Note: These are playlists that The Closet Forges uses frequently on stream and have not had any issues regarding DMCA, however we cannot make any guarantees. Please check the individual artist links below if you have any questions regarding the copyright-free status of any tracks.
— Darth Nik


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