The Closet Forge

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The Closet Forge is a collaborative family studio. Originating with Darth_Nikolas, The Closet Forge quickly grew to include his husband, Realm_of_Music, and their son, LordGalakrond, with guest appearances by The Other Forglings.   While Realm is working on his music, Nik and Gala have been working on their TTRPG and novel setting, Astraeus Zephyrus. Nik is also editing the first book in his Dark Playground novel series. Gala is editing his first novel as well, The Nephilim's Asylum, writing his second novel, Craven's Edge, and working on his D&D 5e setting, Zepharog.   Nik, Realm, and Gala, also stream on Twitch!   Seven nights a week we host Writing Streams. We work on novels, stories, and worldbuilding at World Anvil and 4TheWords and Showcase content from the community. In November, Nik leads House Meles during the Game of Tomes, an event for writers in the Twitch community that runs concurrently with National Novel Writing Month.   Currently we play Marbles on Stream, Stream Raiders, and other games on ocassion. All three Forge streamers will play Deadhaus Sonata at the start of the First Age.   Financial support received helps support our writing as we work toward publication, as well as help improve our Twitch content.